Tap into the Power of a Strong Brand

Penske Truck Rental Agent Testimonial

Tap into the Power of a Strong Brand

A strong brand is a valuable asset for companies, and it's one reason why rental agents partner with the credibility of the Penske brand name. When effectively utilized, agents report that adding the Penske name to their existing operations raises the profile of their business and provides additional revenue.

When prospective Penske agents talk with current agents about the company's commitment, they often hear two key themes: that Penske always honors its reservations, and that it delivers excellent customer service.

Offer High-Quality, Reliable Vehicles

"Penske offers newer, cleaner trucks and friendlier customer service than the competition," said Robert Maknoon of LAX Rent-A-Center in Inglewood, California. "As long as our customers are happy, we often form long-standing relationships," he said, adding that positive customer experiences with Penske can carry over and benefit other aspects of his operations.

Steve Grebinar of Pak-N-Ship in Boynton Beach, Florida, said Penske handles the marketing, which reduces his costs. "Penske refers about 80 percent of the business," he said. "Because I operate a shipping store, Penske became a natural addition to our services."

Grebinar values the fact that he doesn't require extensive knowledge about truck maintenance. Instead, he trusts Penske to care for the equipment. "Basic requirements mean being reasonably computer literate, being friendly and courteous, using your existing retail customers and building on it," he said.

Find Opportunities to Improve Customer Service

Agents said that partnering with Penske allows them to offer the right size truck or van for a customer's cargo. This eliminates the need to refer customers to other companies.

Aligning with a reputable company returns dividends, agents said. "Penske is the best self-move company in the industry," said Gary Freeman of C&G Auto & Truck, an auto repair business in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. "Not only do they have the best equipment, they treat their customers exceptionally well."

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