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Penske Truck Rental Agent Testimonial

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A strong brand is a valuable asset for companies and it’s one reason why rental agents partner with the credibility of the Penske brand name. When effectively utilized, agents report that adding the Penske name to their existing operations raises the profile of their business and provides additional revenue.

Steve Grebinar of US Pak & Ship in Boynton Beach, Florida, knew he wanted to rent trucks, but he wasn’t sure which truck rental company to go with. After stopping in a local Penske shop, things moved quickly. “I knew I wanted to do truck rental and didn’t really have any initial concerns,” he said. “I just never knew that I’d love truck rental as much as I do — it’s become one of my favorite parts of each day.”

Offer High-Quality, Reliable Vehicles

“Penske offers top-notch equipment that’s very well taken care of, plus they have a history of excellent customer service,” said Jamie Howrey of JCC Rental in Brighton, Colorado. “Everybody who comes in here has something very positive to say about Penske. I would say 60 to 75 percent of my customers come to Penske and are glad to be with Penske simply because they had a very difficult time somewhere else.”

Julie Burghardt of Mini U Storage in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, appreciates the immediate advertising that comes with renting Penske trucks. “It’s the convenience and the visibility of the Penske trucks being here,” she said. “It helps both businesses.”

Burghardt currently runs the Mini U Storage facility that benefits from cross-business rentals for both sides of her business — storage units and rental trucks. “Truck rental is pretty aligned with storage rental,” she said. “People move all year round so I believe Penske has helped with our occupancy here. We do get a lot of one-way truck drop-offs that rent a storage unit from us.”

Grebinar values the fact that he doesn’t need extensive knowledge about truck maintenance. Instead, he trusts Penske to care for the equipment. “Basic requirements mean being reasonably computer literate, being friendly and courteous, using your existing retail customers and building on it,” he said.

Partner With a Reputable Brand

For Mitzi Wallace of Wallace Propane and Welding Supply in Boone, North Carolina, it was important that she partner with a reputable brand. “It reflects on my other businesses too. Because my name is attached to it, my reputation is on the line even though I’m only an agent for Penske,” she said. “To me, Penske runs their business very well and I don’t mind telling anyone I’m an agent for them.”

Aligning with a reputable company that celebrates a long history of excellent customer service has a big return for businesses, agents agreed. “My relationship with Penske is strong on all levels and that’s really one of the best things. They’re hands-on and communication is amazing. From the people that are behind the counter to the people that actually deliver the trucks to us, everyone is friendly, everyone is professional, and everyone is very easy to work with,” said Grebinar. “When Penske says they’re going to do something, they deliver, and that’s the number one thing.”

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