diy move

Preventing Low Clearance Accidents on Your DIY Move

So, you’re moving, DIY-style. You’ve set a date, arranged for a Penske rental truck and gotten all the details squared away. All that’s left to do now is load the truck and hit the road.

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Family unloads boxes from a recent move.

A first-time mover? Penske Truck Rental has you covered – from truck selection, destination arrival and everything in between.

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Couple unloading Penske truck

Pack – load – unpack – repeat.

Do-it-yourself movers know this cycle all too well.

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family move

Moving with a full house? Embrace the challenge by making it enjoyable for everyone – especially if little ones and furry friends are involved.

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Penske Mobile App

Penske Truck Rental has introduced its first-ever mobile app for consumer truck rental customers. It provides do-it-yourself movers with the ability to manage their move more efficiently and effectively.

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