Catalytic converter theft has skyrocketed in recent months as organized groups of thieves continue to illegally cut these devices out of cars, SUVs, and rental trucks at an increasingly alarming rate.

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As a child, Michael Kegerise marveled as adults recalled his family's legacy of military service, which predated the Civil War.

"I always knew I would regret not serving in the military, so I enlisted while in college," said Kegerise, enterprise facility services project engineer at Penske's corporate office in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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Sept. 19-24 marks the American Trucking Associations' second annual National Technician Appreciation Week. Penske is proud to join the trucking industry this week to recognize the significant and essential contributions of technicians and customer service representatives.

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Welcome Back!

Reserve your moving truck now.

Penske is your official moving guide and here to help you every step of the way.

Remember, Penske guarantees a truck with every reservation. And, you can easily change your moving date – without losing your rate! Penske makes moving a breeze with clean, well-maintained and reliable vehicles. Plus, we also offer a variety of moving tips and boxes and packing materials to help you from start to finish, as well as information on safely driving your truck.

Vehicle Return Checklist

Be Prepared to Make It an Easy Rental Return

  • Return your truck with a full tank of fuel.
  • Please ensure all personal items and trash are removed from the cab and cargo area before returning the truck.
  • Extra charges could be incurred due to vehicle damage, late turn in, less than a full tank of fuel or vehicle uncleanliness.
  • If you have arranged to drop the truck off after hours or on a day this location is closed, please leave the keys and contract in the drop off box. Retain one copy of the contract for your records.
  • Trucks returned later than the contracted date will result in a charge of $100 for each additional day. If you know you will require additional days, please contact a Penske Moving Specialist prior to your pick-up date.

Get to Know Some Important Details about Renting a Truck from Penske

Payment Details

  • Full payment is due at time of pick-up (one-way rentals only).
  • We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express credit cards. The cardholder must be present for an imprint of the card and signature.
  • If paying by cash, or a combination of cash and credit card, an additional $100 deposit is required. (Local rentals vary by location.)
  • AAA members must present their valid AAA card at time of pick-up to receive the AAA discount.
  • Any charges associated with the purchase of additional rental days are non-refundable if vehicle is returned early.
  • An additional driver charge of $10 will be applied to one-way rentals at the time of pick-up.
  • If you fail to cancel your reservation at least 48-hours before your pick-up time your credit card will be billed a $100 Reservation Guarantee Charge.

Pick-up, Travel, Drop-off

  • You can make as many date changes prior to pick-up, based on availability, without affecting your rate (one-way rentals only).
  • You are required to enter all weigh and/or agricultural stations.
  • If you have reserved a Penske Tow Device you will need to verify the tire size and ground clearance specifications to ensure you vehicle is compatible.
  • Your truck will have a full tank of fuel at time of pick-up. You will need to return your truck with a full tank of fuel.
  • Check out the Vehicle Return Checklist so you're prepared for an easy drop-off.

Fuel Mileage

To help budget your fuel expenses during your move use the following mpg estimates. Note that mileage may vary based on load, terrain and driving style.

  • 12ft.: Up to 12 mpg
  • 16ft.: Up to 12 mpg
  • 22ft.: Up to 13 mpg (diesel)
  • 26ft.: Up to 13 mpg (diesel)

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Four Penske rental trucks armed with Santa's helpers visited military families across North Carolina today, bringing presents and a much-needed dose of Christmas cheer.

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On a sprawling retreat south of Louisville, Kentucky, Debi Tribbey was hard at work trying to wrestle with a group of vines, which formed a stranglehold on a section of fencing.

"There were so many tough vines that had gone through the fencing," said Tribbey, district financial manager for Penske Truck Leasing in Louisville. "It was almost like de-needling."

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With the sound of gunfire still echoing from the 21-gun salute, Michael Phillips, a member of the Navy Ceremonial Guard, stood at attention, saluting a fallen Navy hero as taps began to play.

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With the threat hostile forces nearby, Autumn Barrett remained alert as she patrolled her U.S. Air Force base deep in the heart of Iraq.

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As a truck driver in the Army, Scott 'Hutch' Hutchison's duties took him just feet from the border between North and South Korea to the war-torn sands of Iraq.

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Loren Robinson grew up listening to his uncles' and brothers' recollections of their military service – from World War II to Vietnam – knowing one day, he would continue his family's legacy of service.

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Penske was recently named a 2020 Military-Friendly Employer in recognition of the company's commitment to creating employment opportunities for veterans.

The list, created by VIQTORY, which publishes G.I. Jobs and Military Spouses magazines, serves as a bellwether for veterans and their spouses in their search for the best employment opportunities.

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