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Penske associate behind the rental counter assisting a customer

Penske associates continue to deliver exceptional customer service.

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hurricane storm update

The following Penske Truck Leasing locations are operating with modified hours due to Hurricane Ian as of Oct. 4, 2022, at 3 p.m. EST.

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hurricane season

With Hurricane Ian expected to make landfall in Florida, fleet operators are encouraged to take steps now to brace for the storm’s impact.

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Penske Rental Truck

Cyclists will ride from the Wright Brothers National Memorial in North Carolina to the U.S. Air Force Memorial in Washington, D.C., this week to raise funds for wounded Air Force veterans.

The inaugural Air Force Heritage Memorial to Memorial (M2M) bike ride will support the Air Force Association’s Wounded Airmen Program, which raises money to care for wounded airmen and women, who selflessly served the country.

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A happy senior couple holds moving boxes.

Moving can be stressful enough as it is, but moving at the last minute adds an entirely new level of emotions.

When a sudden job change or inspiration for new surroundings hits, Penske Truck Rental offers these three tips to help make a last-minute move the best move.

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Penske Intern Program

Like many college students, Michaela Rosenberger searched for an internship that could provide real-world experience and a culture that would embrace professional development.

Rosenberger, a rising junior at West Chester University, said she found that and more as part of the Penske Corporate Summer Internship Program. “From my very first day, everyone was so welcoming,” said Rosenberger, an intern with Penske Logistics. “I can’t imagine having a better first internship.”

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College students carry moving boxes.

Moving into college is an exciting time for students eager for a fresh start.

The moving day itself, however, can be overwhelming, especially if you are navigating a big city like Boston. That’s why Penske Truck Rental is here to ease the stress of moving day in Beantown.

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Why Penske

Cargo van and truck on the road

Top 5 Reasons to Rent From Penske

Running a business can be difficult, but renting a truck shouldn't be. With Penske, you get a clean, reliable, fuel-efficient truck ready to go at pickup time. You also get personal help from our professional associates, 24/7 Roadside Assistance, and flexible reservation and cancellation policies. What else does Penske offer? We've put together the top five ways Penske edges out the competition, and why Penske is the place to start when looking for a truck rental.

1. We have some of the best trucks in the industry.

Our commercial rental fleet is known throughout the industry for newer, cleaner trucks. And as one of the largest fleets in the business with more than 100,000 vehicles, including cargo vans, light-duty to medium-duty box trucks, flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, tractors and trailers, we have the resources and the know-how to make sure you get the right vehicle for your needs. Alongside our growing electric vehicle fleet, Penske has also been recognized by the EPA SmartWay® Transport program for its commitment to promoting sustainability in trucking, giving you and your business the option to go green and reduce emissions.

2. We're reliable.

With more than 10,000 trained technicians and 900 service locations, our vehicle fleet is one of the youngest and best maintained in the industry. Our trucks routinely go through Dynamic PM ®, our unique data-driven service that delivers the right preventive maintenance at the right time, ensuring that vehicles run efficiently and get the attention they deserve, avoiding breakdowns and preventable repairs.

3. We're convenient and available.

With quick pickup and drop-off at more than 2,500 rental facilities across North America, Penske trucks are easy to find. While some companies promise a truck they can't provide, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction while fulfilling the rental obligations we make. And if plans change, you can cancel your reservation anytime with no fees attached.

4. We provide the top technology to make things easy.

We offer drivers free tools that make it easy to complete daily tasks while staying informed, compliant and connected. The Penske Driver™ app, which connects quickly and easily inside Penske's rental trucks using Bluetooth®, is a free, fully integrated, ELD-compliant custom app that provides drivers with easy Hours of Service (HOS) functionality to meet the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate for rental trucks. In addition, Penske continues to permit drivers and fleets to use their own portable ELD systems in its rental vehicles. Many of our medium-duty trucks and tractors also benefit from the newest technology, including standard collision mitigation systems, active brake assist, side object detection, adaptive cruise control, stability control, lane departure warnings and more. Our advanced technology provides you with safety, visibility and control on and off the road.

5. We're there when you need us most.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown, one call to our 24/7 Roadside Assistance team is all you need to get back on the road. When you call, one of our experienced, in-house Penske associates will ensure your driver and load are safe, identify the problem, and dispatch emergency roadside assistance. We maintain communication for complete visibility and provide a comparable substitute vehicle if needed to get you moving as soon as possible. And with our extended network of more than 12,000 qualified service providers, we keep things moving even if you're not near a Penske facility.

Whether you're looking for a strategic business partner to help your business grow, or for help handling a surge, look to Penske for expertise and resources that keep you moving forward.

Moving Hacks for a Great Moving Day

Where did I pack this? What's in this box? How do I put this together? Where's the remote?

While moving can be an exciting opportunity, it can easily become overwhelming.

From color-coded storage bins to planning a packing supply center, Penske Truck Rental has a few moving hacks to help make things a little easier.

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Penske associates with Paralyzed Veterans of America President Charlie Brown

Athletes from across the country are meeting in Arizona this week for the 2022 Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) National Veterans Wheelchair Games, which features competition in more than 20 sports.

Penske is a proud supporter of the Wheelchair Games and donated trucks to assist organizers with their transportation and logistical needs for the event.

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Staying Safe when Sharing the Road

Summer is one of the busiest times on the road. Professional truck drivers and do-it-yourself movers share the road with families on the way to vacation destinations and motorcyclists enjoying the warmer weather.

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Special Olympics USA Games

More than 5,500 Special Olympics athletes and coaches will gather at venues across Orlando this week to participate in the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games.

Penske Truck Rental is proud to partner with the Games by donating trucks to assist with the logistics of facilitating and operating the events and to cheer on the athletes as they live out their Olympic dreams.

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A Penske truck driving on the road

Before getting behind the wheel of your rental truck, use these tips from Penske Truck Rental to help get you from point A to point B without the worry.

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Penske Supports Annual Salute to Military Spouses

Military spouses navigate the intersection of keeping their families strong and supporting active duty loved ones whose military service helps to keep the country safe.

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Top 10 Moving Destinations for 2021

It’s May, it’s #NationalMovingMonth and Penske Truck Rental’s Top 10 Moving Destinations list is back! Reminiscing over the past year, 2021 couldn’t have been a busier year for people on the move. Rental truck demand was incredibly robust, a trend that continues in 2022 as we enter yet another busy moving season ahead.

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High tides crash on a tropical shore during a hurricane.

With the Atlantic hurricane season nearly upon us, you should prepare now to keep you and your property safe before a storm occurs.

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View of highway traffic through rainy windshield

When it rains, it pours – but it doesn’t have to disrupt your commute. If you are wary of wet weather conditions, you are not alone, and Penske Truck Rental can help.

Read on for tips to ease your wet weather woes, courtesy of our friends at AAA.

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Family unloads boxes from a recent move.

A first-time mover? Penske Truck Rental has you covered – from truck selection, destination arrival and everything in between.

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Awareness Campaign Promotes Safety in Work Zones

Construction and maintenance projects are the keys to maintaining the health of the nation’s highways. Yet, these work zones can provide challenges to drivers and road workers alike.

New speed limits, traffic patterns and rights of way, as well as worker and vehicle movement, can all impact work zone safety, putting drivers and workers at risk.

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