American Flag

As a child, Michael Kegerise marveled as adults recalled his family's legacy of military service, which predated the Civil War.

"I always knew I would regret not serving in the military, so I enlisted while in college," said Kegerise, enterprise facility services project engineer at Penske's corporate office in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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Associate Recalls Service in Navy Ceremonial Guard

With the sound of gunfire still echoing from the 21-gun salute, Michael Phillips, a member of the Navy Ceremonial Guard, stood at attention, saluting a fallen Navy hero as taps began to play.

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Associates Military Career Began with a Call to Serve

With the threat hostile forces nearby, Autumn Barrett remained alert as she patrolled her U.S. Air Force base deep in the heart of Iraq.

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Operations Supervisors Love of Trucks Fueled Military Service

As a truck driver in the Army, Scott 'Hutch' Hutchison's duties took him just feet from the border between North and South Korea to the war-torn sands of Iraq.

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Military Service is a Family Affair for Penske Recruiter

Loren Robinson grew up listening to his uncles' and brothers' recollections of their military service – from World War II to Vietnam – knowing one day, he would continue his family's legacy of service.

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