Get Unlimited Mileage With One-Way Truck Rentals

Of all the national truck rental companies, only Penske offers free unlimited miles on one-way truck rentals anywhere in the United States. Other companies charge for miles over a certain amount. We don't.

Moving Across the State or Cross-Country?

Moving a long distance doesn't have to be all work. While moving, take the leisurely road and make your drive a fun adventure. Your one-way truck rental's free unlimited miles might be the ideal opportunity to view sights you've never seen before. During your move, spend a few days as a tourist, see historical sites, or track down long-lost relatives. You'll like our newer, cleaner, and well-maintained vehicles.

Make your move and arrive at your destination refreshed, not stressed.

Fuel Savings

When you rent with Penske, you can expect fuel efficiency. It's the happy by-product of our regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, provided by more than 10,900 Penske-trained technicians and maintenance personnel at more than 930 Penske service locations across North America. Alongside our growing electric vehicle fleet, Penske has also been recognized by the EPA SmartWay® Transport program for its commitment to promoting sustainability in trucking, giving you the option to go green and reduce emissions.