Team Up With Penske

As a Penske Rental Agent, you’ll partner with a powerful brand to generate ongoing revenue and earn attractive commissions, gain virtually unlimited profit potential and expand your customer base. Best of all, you can start with little up-front investment.

Partner With an Industry Leader

There’s no question – Penske offers a better truck rental experience. Our reputation for offering clean, reliable and well-maintained rental vehicles is unrivaled. We have one of the largest fleets in the industry, so you’ll have a truck ready for your customers whenever you need it.

How Penske Helps Rental Agents:

  • Provides the newest fleet in the business so you can offer your customers clean, well-kept trucks
  • Performs regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, guaranteeing reliable vehicles for your customers
  • Offers 24/7 roadside emergency assistance
  • Supplies marketing materials and signage

Penske Agent Benefits

  • Weekly commission
  • Referral and lead generation bonuses
  • Guaranteed truck reservations
  • Access to Penske rental system
  • Customers can reserve trucks by phone, online or the Penske Truck Rental app
  • Local Penske consumer manager assigned to you
  • Your location will be included in our online marketing efforts
  • Minimal investment requirements

What Our Rental Agents Say About Penske

1. Create a New Revenue Stream

Generating year-round income by creating multiple revenue streams helps businesses reduce risk, ensure a steady cash flow and grow their bottom line.

“Penske has become a revenue stream that is very important to us,” says Steve Grebinar of US Pak & Ship, Boynton Beach, Florida. Grebinar now makes ten times more a week than he made at the beginning of his partnership with Penske.

2. Acquire More Customers

Penske rental agents often see more foot traffic, which leads to more sales. In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Tammy Cassidy of C & G Auto & Truck, who has been working as an agent for over 20 years, says that she often has Penske customers who stop in to rent or drop off a truck and then come back for their personal auto repair needs, bringing in business customers that never would have found her otherwise.

“When Penske customers come in, we’ll hand them one of our cards and tell them to come back if they ever need service on a vehicle,” she said. “This works out well since nearly everybody has a car. Plus, having Penske trucks in the parking lot is always helpful to get people in the door.”

3. Enhance Cash Flow

Building a partnership with a credible brand like Penske, rental agents can minimize risk while enhancing cash flow and boosting their brand.

“We already had a place to put trucks and we had an office, so we didn’t have any additional overhead that we had to provide to become a Penske agent,” says Mitzi Wallace of Wallace Propane and Welding Supply, Boone, North Carolina. “Now we have an additional stream of revenue that will pay for salaries, which helps me cut down on my expenses for the other businesses.”

4. High-Quality, Reliable Vehicles

The quality equipment and round-the-clock support from Penske builds trust with customers.

“Penske offers top-notch equipment that’s very well taken care of, plus they have a history of excellent customer service,” said Jamie Howrey of JCC Rental in Brighton, Colorado. “Everybody who comes in here has something very positive to say about Penske. I would say 60 to 75 percent of my customers come to Penske and are glad to be with Penske simply because they had a very difficult time somewhere else.”


Is this a truck rental franchise?

No. A truck rental franchise would require you to "buy in." Our rental agent program requires very little up-front investment. You just need to have computer systems that work with ours.

Is becoming a rental agent within my budget?

Yes. There is low up-front investment required from you.

Are there Penske rental agent dealer opportunities all over the country?

Yes. Penske is one of the largest truck rental companies with more than 2,500 locations across North America. And we're growing. That's where you come in. If your business has a great location and the ability to accommodate our trucks, you may benefit from becoming a rental agent.

How long does it take to start a rental truck business?

When you become a Penske Truck rental agent, you can jumpstart opening a rental truck business with no risk. And the startup time is minimal. Contact us today to begin the process.

How much extra money can my small business make?

Becoming a Penske Truck rental agent is a great opportunity for your small business. How much money you make will depend on many factors, including your location and the time of year.

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