Fueling a Diesel Truck

Did You Know Not All Moving Trucks Use the Same Type of Fuel?

When getting ready to start a big move, whether it's across town or cross country, the last thing you want to deal with are moving truck issues.

The Penske Truck Rental team is here to help you avoid a big one – refueling your moving truck with the wrong type of fuel.

What Is the Difference Between Diesel and Unleaded Gas?

There are two main types of fuel – diesel and gasoline. Both fuel types cost about the same per gallon give or take a few pennies depending on the day. However, diesel engines are more powerful and efficient, emitting less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and costing less per driving mile. In other words, it's a powerful fuel perfect for heavy moving trucks.

So When Should I Use Diesel Fuel?

If you've never driven a bigger truck or RV before, you may not even question what type of fuel is needed. However, heading straight for the unleaded gasoline pump without first checking the fuel type can lead to lots of problems that are sure to disrupt your trip – including mechanical failure and serious engine damage.

Confirming the type of fuel your moving truck needs before refueling is important. At Penske, we've labeled our trucks in various areas to ensure you make the right fuel choice – look for a sticker near the fuel tank and fueling information on the sun visor inside the cab. Our 22'-26' diesel moving trucks even have an additional reminder on the driver's side door to help you make the right decision. Taking a few minutes to find and read these fuel labels on your moving truck before heading out on your journey will keep you safe and moving forward towards your next big adventure.

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