At Penske, corporate responsibility is embedded in the work we do to help move lives and businesses forward. We work across all our businesses to reduce our environmental footprint. Our leadership in the electric vehicle movement, our utilization of alternative fuels like renewable diesel and our dedication to sustainable facilities are all part of our commitment to contributing to a more sustainable future.

Join Us and Address Your Carbon Footprint

You too can help reduce impact on the environment while you move with our carbon offset program for one-way consumer truck rentals. During your rental, you will be offered the opportunity to mitigate carbon emissions of your rental by contributing to the carbon offset program.

The purchase of these offsets supports various U.S. nature-based projects. These climate action projects are verified by independent third-party organizations like Climate Action Reserve, Verra, American Carbon Registry and more.

Other Ways We Make Moving More Sustainable at Penske

  • Offer battery-electric high-roof cargo vans for rent at select locations
  • Limit maximum speeds on all trucks to help save fuel
  • Equip larger trucks with diesel engines to take you farther per gallon
  • Rent newer trucks with the latest emission-control technologies
  • Maintain proper tire inflation to use less fuel, last longer and reduce tire waste
  • Install energy-efficient LED lighting in the cargo area
  • Offer moving blankets made from up to 70% recycled materials
  • Sell moving boxes that contain up to 60% recycled content (pre- and post-consumer waste)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Carbon Offsets?

A carbon offset, or carbon credit, represents one metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), or the equivalent volume of other greenhouse gases (GHG), that was either removed or prevented from entering the atmosphere. Offsets can be used by individuals or organizations who desire to reduce their carbon footprint but are otherwise unable to do so in a practical or economically viable way.

Why Offset Your Truck Rental?

Sustainable lifestyle choices and reduced environmental impact have become important options as we seek to minimize the impact of climate change. Purchasing carbon offsets work to mitigate carbon emissions from the from the burning of fossil fuels during a rental.

How Are the Carbon Emissions of the Truck Rental Calculated?

Daily carbon emission estimates are calculated utilizing the latest EPA’s truck emission factor data (2018) and rounded to the nearest 0.25 carbon tons.

Where Does Your Carbon Offset Go?

Penske is working with ClimeCo, a leading global environmental project developer, to provide offsets from nature-based emission reduction projects in the United States. Nature-based projects are hand-picked for their benefits beyond removing carbon – they protect, steward, and restore ecosystems, support biodiversity, clean water, and improve livelihoods.

The offsets that we have selected go through a rigorous, independent evaluation to determine emission reductions meet required framework standards and are third-party audited and verified.

What’s Penske Doing to Address its Carbon Footprint?

Penske has several initiatives underway – including continuing to grow our electric vehicles and expanding our use of renewable diesel- to further provide sustainable transportation options and reduce the emissions our fleet generates.

We are committed to increasing Renewable energy procurement year over year, in 2022 40% of US energy consumption came from Renewable Energy.

We are also investing in technology and efficiencies to reduce the emissions generated by our rental operations.

Read more here.

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