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Penske Truck Rental Agent Testimonial

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Generating year-round income by creating multiple revenue streams helps businesses reduce risk, ensure a steady cash flow and grow their bottom line. Becoming a rental agent for Penske Truck Rental can help agents gain that additional income, grow their profits and maintain a revenue stream during their primary operation’s slow season.

“Penske has become a revenue stream that is very important to us,” said Steve Grebinar of US Pak & Ship in Boynton Beach, Florida. “I didn’t start off making this kind of money, I built up to it.”

Grebinar now makes ten times more a week than he made at the beginning of his partnership with Penske.

Get Commission-Based Profits and Gain a Year-Round Revenue Stream

The revenue stream works on commission. Mitzi Wallace of Wallace Propane and Appliance in Boone, North Carolina, has been a Penske Rental Agent since 1998. She said the rental business supplements her company’s propane work.

“We started off as just a propane business and of course, that’s mainly for heat,” she said. “Since we didn’t have a lot of sales in the summertime, Penske supplemented our income. Now it generates additional income throughout the year.” Wallace uses the additional revenue to help cover the cost of salaries and her existing overhead.

Agents agree that getting paid is a very easy process. “On Tuesdays, we send our paperwork via FedEx, and then within a week, I get our commission directly into our checking account,” said Tammy Cassidy of C & G Auto & Truck in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. “It’s easy. I don’t need to do anything else, it just goes right in.”

Julie Burghardt of Mini U Storage in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, couldn’t agree more. “The equipment is excellent, and Penske is always good about making sure we get our commission.”

Quality Equipment on a Quick Turnaround

With a little planning on the side of the agent, the time required to service Penske customers is short, allowing agents to maintain focus on their primary business while further growing their bottom line.

According to agents, the truck rental process takes only 10-15 minutes if customers have reserved a vehicle online ahead of time and bring in the required information and identification. Cleaning and prepping the trucks ahead of the reservation pickup adds to the efficiency of this process.

Grow Your Business

In addition to generating year-round revenue, rental agents said their interaction with Penske customers has increased demand for their primary services. “Truck rental is pretty aligned with storage,” said Burghardt. “It keeps you busy and helps build our storage business as well. We often get rentals from our storage customers, or our Penske customers will rent storage units and fill our occupancy there too.”

“The additional income has really helped out,” said Wallace. “But I really do think Penske has helped grow our propane business too.”

Proactively reaching out to customers about their business needs can be an easy way to build more truck rental business. “We’ll ask customers, ‘What kind of work do you do?’ If they have a business, then we’ll tell them to come back if they need to rent trucks commercially,” said Cassidy. “I would definitely say that Penske gives us benefits and it’s also nice to have that extra check in the checking account every week as well.”

“I’m passionate about what you guys are doing,” said Grebinar. “I’m passionate to make a better company and I legitimately feel like I’m a part of what you’re doing. Penske pays me well to be an agent and joining the team is one of the best things I’ve done for my business. It’s been great for me, and the revenue has been strong.”

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