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Penske Truck Rental Agent Testimonial

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Generating new revenue streams is an important part of the relationship between Penske and rental agents. And by building a partnership with a credible brand like Penske, rental agents can minimize risk while enhancing cash flow and boosting their brand.

Mitzi Wallace of Wallace Propane and Welding Supply in Boone, North Carolina, was looking for additional revenue that wouldn’t take up her free time. “I had a feel for how the whole operation worked and I could see that Penske was basically an 8 to 5 business,” she said. “That was attractive to me because I didn’t want to have to take work home with me.”

Becoming a Penske rental agent also fit seamlessly into Wallace’s propane business. “We already had a place to put trucks and we had an office, so we didn’t have any additional overhead that we had to provide to become a Penske agent,” said Wallace. “Now we have an additional stream of revenue that will pay for salaries, which helps me cut down on my expenses for the other businesses.”

Zero Investment, Significant Returns

Steve Grebinar of US Pak & Ship in Boynton Beach, Florida, said partnering with Penske has provided a big boost in revenue. “With Penske, we get that national hit,” he said. “We’ve built customer relationships through our Penske number as well as our Pak & Ship number. We get a lot of action from the Penske website and Penske marketing that’s out there. I turn on my computer in the morning and I see reservations to fill that I had nothing to do with.”

Grebinar also values the quality of people he’s worked with at Penske who help him ensure customers will have a good experience, benefiting his overall brand and guaranteeing repeat business. “Penske is a huge company but has the feel of a small business. Our hikers are amazing, our people at the counter are amazing, our branch rental managers are amazing and I can go higher to the district rental managers. My consumer development manager is amazing. It’s not just one guy in the office that’s great, it’s that everybody is great,” he said.

Quality Equipment at the Ready

Agents consistently receive good feedback about the quality of the trucks. “I go by what people say, which is that the Penske equipment is top-notch,” said Howrey. “Everybody speaks volumes about Penske, and I think the equipment is great.”

Tammy Cassidy of C & G Auto & Truck out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, never worries about disappointing a customer with the equipment or the reservation process. “Penske definitely keeps up their trucks, and the maintenance on them, which is all handled by Penske, is definitely something that is pretty amazing to me,” she said. “And I can honestly tell you that in 17 years if I let one customer down, that would be one too many. If you have a reservation, you’ll have a truck.”

Partnership Brings Added Benefits

To be successful, the rental business requires time and effort, and rental agents see their relationship with Penske as a partnership. “It’s been a pretty smooth relationship,” said Wallace. “We don’t have problems with Penske. If we have a problem with a Penske customer, we can call our district manager and he can take care of it. It’s a lot less of a headache than having your own business. I don’t stress over Penske.”

Howrey agrees and was appreciative of the support he received when first starting out as a Penske rental agent. “It took us a couple of weeks to feel comfortable with it and we always had someone on the phone who was helping us through it,” he said. “That quickly goes away though and you get into a mode where you can rock and roll.”

Agents said their relationship with Penske has also helped them increase foot traffic and grow their primary business operations. “I’ve met lots of new business contacts. It has been a good partnership and I would do it again,” Wallace said.

“If you’re an agent, you don’t have to put anything into the trucks other than your time to clean them,” Cassidy said. “We’re not having to put anything into it money-wise, we’re just getting revenue out of it. We appreciate them letting us be a part of the team.”

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