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What To Do With the Things People Leave Behind (From Antiques to Old Electronics)

Two people move a couch in their new home.

Moving into a new home is exciting, but can also come with unexpected surprises when previous owners leave behind belongings. Whether they’re valuable antiques, old appliances or simply unwanted clutter, these items can be frustrating and, at times, challenging to deal with. Whether you plan to clean out your new home before moving day, or wait until the big day to take full advantage of your rental truck, here are a few practical tips for handling the most common things people leave behind.

Antiques and Valuables

Discovering antiques or valuable items left behind by the previous owners can be exciting but stressful. If this happens, be sure to assess the condition and value of these items before deciding what to do with them. Consider consulting with appraisers and antique dealers or leveraging online auction sites to determine their worth and explore options for selling in person or online. If it’s a unique piece that fits your style, try incorporating it into your new home’s décor or give it a facelift and use it in an unexpected place.

Unused Paint, Cleaning Supplies and More

It’s not common, but sometimes previous homeowners leave behind materials such as old paint, cleaning supplies or automotive fluids like oil. It is very important to safely handle and dispose of these products to protect your health and the health of the environment. Research local waste disposal facilities or community collection events where you can properly dispose of these items and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Old Appliances and Electronics

Outdated appliances and electronics left behind by previous occupants may not align with your preferences or needs, but it happens. If you find yourself having to deal with an old refrigerator or dishwasher, research options for recycling or donating these items to charitable organizations or recycling centers. If the appliances are still functional but not suitable for your new home, consider selling them online or offering them for free to local residents in need — make throwing them in the trash your last resort.

General Clutter and Trash

Moving into a new home sometimes involves encountering leftover clutter, such as old curtains or trash from the previous owners. We recommend starting fresh by cleaning out the space before moving in. Get rid of unwanted items responsibly by recycling, donating or arranging for proper disposal, then do a deep clean of the entire place. Not sure how to get rid of the junk? Our moving trucks have ample space, allowing you to efficiently transport unwanted items to their final destination.

Moving into a new home is a big moment, and dealing with the things left behind by previous occupants can be overwhelming. However, with careful planning and a little knowledge, you can navigate this process quickly and responsibly.

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