Plan your move

Plan Your Move

One Month Before

Plan what is getting packed

Two Weeks Before

The Four P's: Papers, Post Office, Providers and People

  • Make copies of medical records, birth certificates, etc.
  • Change address with the post office, banks, credit cards and magazines.
  • Call service providers and utilities to schedule turn on date.
  • Secure moving-day help. Ask friends and family to save the date; reserve sitters; contact

The Day Before

Last-minute tasks

  • Finish packing, taping and labeling boxes.
  • Prepare major appliances and electronics for the move.
  • Secure dresser drawers and appliance doors with rope and tape.
  • Assemble a moving-day kit, including directions, map, checkbook, credit cards, IDs, eyeglasses, sunglasses, prescription drugs, flashlight, water, snacks, games for kids, and old and new house keys.
  • Pick up your rental truck the day/evening before to save time on moving day.
  • Clean your house or apartment.
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