Plan your move: load

Plan Your Move: Load

Loading & Towing

Get to Know Your Truck

  • Pick up your rental truck the day or evening before you move.
  • Penske professionals will get you familiarized with your vehicle.
  • Get comfortable with the truck's switches and gauges.
  • Adjust your mirrors. Remember, you won't have a direct rearview mirror.
  • If vehicle size is not written on the truck, ask your rental agent. Trucks need greater overhead and side clearance, so be alert for low bridges, tree limbs and canopies.

Know Where You're Heading

  • Check directions before leaving. Penske reps can help you get driving directions at pickup.
  • Check the weather. At pickup, have your Penske rep check the weather along your route.

Get Loading Help

  • When loading and unloading, bend your knees and lift with your legs, not your back.
  • Put the heaviest items on the truck first. Tip: If there are stairs at your destination, unload enough items to allow you to move the heaviest items first, before you get tired.
  • Have friends help unload at your destination.

Take Your Car with You

  • Only tow a vehicle with a Penske towing device.
  • Learn more about how to use a Penske towing device.
  • Check the security of your towed vehicle regularly.
  • Do not use a Penske truck to tow boats, trailers or campers.
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