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Map Out Your Move at Least 30 Days Beforehand

Map Out Your Move at Least 30 Days Beforehand

Pack – load – unpack – repeat.

Do-it-yourself movers know this cycle all too well.

While tedious at times, DIY moving is made easier with Penske Truck Rental. It's also an extremely beneficial option – especially for budget-conscious individuals looking to save money.

Ready to reap the benefits?

Before beginning, don't overlook the importance of planning – an essential component of DIY moves. Save yourself from the typical moving frustrations by planning at least one month in advance.

Penske Truck Rental recommends following this timeline:

30 Days Prior

Arrange the logistics.

  • Use Penske's Truck Wizard to determine what size rental truck suits your needs. Once decided, reserve the truck as soon as possible.
  • Stock up on moving supplies and boxes. Buy these items online to save time.
  • Pack all non-essential and out-of-season belongings.
  • Sort through belongings beforehand. Donate, sell or toss items that you no longer use.

14 Days Prior

Follow the Four P's – Papers, Post Office, Providers and People.

  • Have copies of medical records, birth certificates, etc., readily available.
  • Change address with post office, banks, credit cards and magazines.
  • Schedule a turn-on date for all utilities.
  • Recruit friends and family to help with the move.

One Day Prior

Complete remaining tasks.

  • Finish packing and labeling boxes.
  • Secure major appliances, electronics and heavy furniture with rope and tape.
  • Create a moving-day kit – include maps, checkbooks, credit cards, IDs, medicine, eyeglasses, sunglasses, flashlights, snacks, water, games for kids and old and new house keys.
  • Pick up your Penske rental truck the day before the move.
  • Clean your house or apartment.

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