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Moving Glossary

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Welcome to the Penske Moving Glossary, a comprehensive guide to the most essential truck rental and moving day terms. Whether you’re renting a vehicle for a local move or heading out on a cross-country journey, understanding the terms associated with insurance coverage, packing techniques, equipment and more can help you navigate the process with confidence.

From “24/7 Roadside Assistance” to “Weight Distribution,” this glossary provides clear and concise definitions to empower you in planning, executing and safeguarding your move.

1. 24/7 Roadside Assistance: 

A service that provides support you can count on in the unlikely event of a breakdown, available around the clock for quick assistance. Learn more about 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

2. ​Additional Coverage: 

A broad term for insurance options that extend beyond the standard policy, offering extra protection for specific risks or liabilities. Learn more about our coverage options.

3. Blind Spots: 

Areas around a vehicle that are not visible to the driver through mirrors or windows. Blind spots require extra caution while driving and maneuvering. Find driving tips to keep you safe before starting your next move.

4. Business Rental: 

A truck rented for commercial purposes aimed at supporting business needs. See also Commercial Rental. Check out Penske Commercial. Truck Rental.

5. Car Carrier: 

A specialized trailer used for securely carrying and transporting vehicles. Car carriers feature a four-wheel design that allows the towed vehicle to sit completely on top of the trailer. Review the steps to using a Penske car carrier.

6. Cargo Accident Damage Coverage:

A broad term for insurance options that protect against damage to belongings being transported while in the rented vehicle in case of accidents, collisions or natural disasters. Learn more about our coverage options.

7. Cargo Accident Insurance (CAI):

Insurance that covers the renter and all listed authorized drivers’ furniture and other possessions from loss or damage due to accidents or natural disasters during transit and only while in the truck. Furniture and possessions damage while loading or unloading is not covered. Learn more about our coverage options.

8. Commercial Rental:

Renting a vehicle primarily for business use, often for transporting goods or equipment. See also Business Rental. Take a tour of the Penske Commercial Truck Rental site.

9. Coverage:

The extent of protection provided by an insurance policy, including the types of risks or losses covered and the limits of compensation. Learn more about our coverage options.

10. Cubic Feet/Cubic Space:

Measurement of the total space available for storage in a vehicle, typically used to determine the capacity for transporting things. Cubic space is calculated by multiplying length by width by height. Compare the cubic space of each Penske truck.

11. Deposit:

Money paid upfront as security against potential damages, losses or unpaid charges, refundable upon meeting rental terms and conditions.

12. Drop-Off Location:

The designated point where a rented vehicle is returned at the end of the rental period, sometimes different from the pickup location.

13. Electronic Toll:

State-run system allowing for automatic payment of tolls while driving, typically using transponders or electronic passes to facilitate seamless passage through toll booths. Read about paying tolls while driving a rental truck in our FAQ section.

14. Environmental Fee:

A charge included in the rental cost to offset environmental impacts associated with operating vehicles, such as emissions and waste disposal. Get tips for making a more sustainable move at Penske.

15. Estimate:

The approximate cost to rent a truck, provided in the form of a quote.

16. The Four P's:

This stands for papers, post office, providers and people. The four P’s are a part of planning your move and remind you to make copies of important papers, contact local banks and the post office to change your address, schedule utilities to be turned off, and secure moving help to ensure a successful relocation. Learn details about the four P’s and planning your move.

17. Floor Space:

The space available within the interior of a vehicle, typically measured in square feet.

18. Fuel Estimator: 

A tool that helps you estimate the amount of fuel required for a specific journey based on distance, vehicle type and other factors. Try out the Penske Fuel Estimator.

19. Furniture Dolly:

A wheeled platform or cart used to transport heavy or bulky furniture items, reducing strain and effort during loading and unloading. See details about furniture dollies and other moving tools available at Penske.

20. Furniture Pads:

Protective blankets or pads used to cover and cushion furniture and other delicate items during transport, minimizing the risk of damage. Learn more about furniture pads and other moving supplies available at Penske.

21. Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW):

The total weight of a vehicle, including its cargo, passengers and any additional equipment or accessories.

22. Hand Controls:

Mechanisms or devices installed in vehicles to assist drivers with physical disabilities in operating essential functions such as steering, braking and accelerating. See frequently asked questions about renting a Penske truck with hand controls.

23. Hand Truck: 

Also known as an appliance dolly, this hand-operated cart with wheels and a handle is designed for moving heavy items such as appliances or boxes with ease. Add a hand truck to your rental reservation.

24. “I” Formation:

A packing strategy where the heaviest items are arranged in the shape of a capital letter I along the front, back and middle of the moving truck, maximizing space utilization and stability during transit. Learn how to load a moving truck.

25. Interstate Move: 

A relocation across state lines, even if the new location is only a few miles away.

26. Intrastate Move: 

A relocation that starts and ends in the same state.

27. Limited Damage Waiver (LDW):

Insurance that covers you from financial responsibility if you experience any loss or damage to the truck or towing equipment if the vehicle or equipment is used in any manner that violates the rental agreement terms. This does not cover your personal vehicle. Learn more about our coverage options.

28. Loading Capacity: 

The maximum weight of items that a vehicle can safely transport. Compare the loading capacity of each Penske truck.

29. Loading Ramp:

A movable or extendable platform attached to a rental truck used to easily load and unload furniture and belongings. Find Penske trucks that feature a loading ramp.

30. Loading Space:

The total amount of area within a truck designated for the placement of belongings.

31. Local Move:

Relocation within a relatively short distance, typically within the same city or town.

32. Moving Day Kit: 

A box or bag containing essential items needed during the moving process (such as tools, personal hygiene products, medication, important papers, and snacks) to ensure convenience and comfort on moving day. Check out our list of what to include in your moving day kit.

Also known as a Moving Essentials Box.

33. Moving Insurance:

A broad term for insurance coverage purchased through an insurance company that protects against financial loss or damage to belongings during the relocation process, complementing existing homeowners or renters insurance policies.

34. Moving Supplies:

Various materials and tools used for packing, securing and transporting belongings during a move, including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, labels and more. See popular moving supplies available at Penske.

35. One-Way Move:

Relocation between two places typically farther away from each other, resulting in a moving truck being rented at one location and returned to another. Tips for making your one-way move fun with Penske.

36. Packing Hacks:

Creative tips, techniques and shortcuts for efficiently and securely packing belongings during a move. See our packing hacks in action.

37. Packing Kits:

Pre-assembled packages containing a selection of moving supplies tailored to specific needs or home sizes, offering convenience and savings for renters. Information about our truck-size-specific packing kits.

38. Packing Supplies: 

Various materials used for packing and protecting belongings during a move, including boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, furniture covers and more. Browse the variety of packing supplies available at Penske.

39. Parked Regen:

A process in diesel vehicles where the engine runs at high temperatures to burn off accumulated soot in the diesel particulate filter, typically initiated when the vehicle is stationary. Learn how to conduct a parked regen on a diesel truck.

40. Penske Equipment Damage Coverage: 

A broad term for insurance options that provide protection against damage to Penske rental equipment, ensuring renters are not held liable for unexpected repairs or replacements. Learn more about our coverage options.

41. Personal Accident Injury Coverage: 

A broad term for insurance options that provide financial compensation for bodily injuries sustained by the renter or passengers during the rental period. Learn more about our coverage options.

42. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI):

Insurance that offers accidental death and accident medical coverage for the renter of the truck and their passenger(s) within the enclosed portion of the rental vehicle only. Learn more about our coverage options.

43. Personal Rental:

Renting a vehicle for personal use, such as household moving, DIY projects or special events. Creative ways to use your rental truck.

44. Pickup Location: 

The designated place where a rented vehicle is collected at the beginning of the rental period, chosen by the renter based on convenience and availability.

45. Quote:

An estimated cost provided by the rental company for the desired rental service, including details of rates, fees and any applicable discounts or promotions.

46. Rental Agreement:

A legally binding contract outlining the terms and conditions of the rental between the renter and Penske. A rental agreement often includes things like responsibilities, liabilities and rental duration.

47. Renters Insurance:

Insurance coverage purchased through an insurance company that protects the renter’s personal belongings against loss or damage during the rental period, complementing existing homeowners or renters insurance policies.

48. Round-Trip:

A trip that starts and ends at the same location. The rental vehicle is also picked up and returned to the same location.

49. Save Quote:

If you’re not quite ready to reserve your rental truck, Penske gives you the option to save your quote for up to 48 hours. This ensures that you lock in your rate.

50. Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI):

Insurance that protects the renter and any listed authorized drivers against claims made by a third party for bodily and/or property damage sustained as a result of an accident while the renter is operating a rental truck. Learn more about our coverage options.

51. Third-Party Damage & Injury Claims Coverage:

A broad term for insurance options that protect against claims for property damage or bodily injury filed by third parties, ensuring renters are covered for potential liabilities arising from accidents or incidents during the rental period. Learn more about our coverage options.

52. Tie-Downs:

Straps and cords used to secure furniture and belongings in place while driving, which prevents shifting or movement that could cause damage or accidents. See the variety of moving supplies available to secure belongings.

53. Tow Dolly:

A specialized trailer designed for towing a vehicle behind another vehicle. This trailer type tows cars with its front wheels on the trailer and rear wheels on the ground. Tips for using a Penske tow dolly.

54. Towing Insurance (TWI):

Insurance for drivers who are towing their own vehicle. It provides protection against collision damage for a vehicle while attached to, towed by or detached from a rented Penske truck. It also covers a vehicle while being loaded onto, transported by or unloaded from a Penske tow dolly or carrier. It does not cover the rented truck or towing equipment. Learn more about our coverage options.

55. Truck Clearance:

The vertical distance between the ground and the highest point on a rental truck. Knowing a truck’s clearance height helps the driver avoid collisions, including overhead obstacles such as bridges, tunnels, drive-throughs and building entrances.

56. Truck Wizard:

A digital tool built by Penske to assist customers in selecting the appropriate truck size for their moving needs by providing personalized recommendations. Try out our Truck Wizard.

57. Turning Radius:

The minimum space required for a truck to make a complete turn, which impacts maneuverability during driving and parking.

58. Unlimited Miles:

A rental option allowing for unlimited mileage during the rental period, eliminating extra charges based on distance traveled and providing flexibility for long-distance trips. Information about unlimited miles on all one-way trips at Penske.

59. Wardrobe Box:

A tall, sturdy box designed specifically for transporting hanging clothing items such as suits, dresses and coats. Learn more about the boxes and moving supplies offered at Penske.

60. Weight Distribution:

The way furniture and belongings are placed within a vehicle to evenly distribute weight and balance, ensuring safe handling, stability and optimal performance during your drive.

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