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Graduate to a Successful College Move-Out With These Rental Tips

A woman dressed in overalls tapes up a moving box in her living room.

Whether this is your first time moving out of college or you’ve mastered the art of the end-of-semester haul-out, let the experts at Penske Truck Rental be the first to recommend some tips and tricks for a successful moving experience.

Rent a Truck

First things first, you can’t transport your belongings without a vehicle. Instead of taking multiple trips with multiple vehicles, consider a moving truck to help streamline the moving process.

Students get special discounts on truck rentals at Penske, and the earlier you make the reservation, the better the chances that your selected vehicle will be available when you need it.

We also offer tips for planning your move and selecting the right truck, so all you have to decide is what you’re taking with you, what you’re donating and which moving playlist you should listen to first.

Start Packing — Yesterday

Starting now, pack up anything you won’t be using for the remainder of the semester, such as winter clothes, shoes and accessories, room décor, last semester’s books and materials, etc. Send them home with the next family member who visits, ship them or store them in a corner until exams are over and you’re headed out the door.

The sooner you order packing supplies, the quicker you can get started on packing up items you don‘t currently need to lessen the burden of packing at the end of the semester.

Make the Most of Self-Storage

Whether you’re moving out until next semester or graduating and moving out for good, self-storage might be a solid option to ease some of your moving stress.

  • Moving For Now. If you’re moving out in the spring to return in the fall, you might consider storing items at a facility near your college or university for easier access at the start of the new semester.
  • Moving For Good. Moving after graduation comes with its own set of difficulties. For one, you can’t leave anything behind. In addition, your initial post-college landing spot may only be temporary. A storage unit may be helpful in either situation.

When moving back to your hometown or finding a new abode in a different city, it may be wise to search out storage facilities in your area while you’re in between places.


There’s that old saying about your trash being someone else’s treasure, and that also applies to your old dorm décor, clothing, books and more.

Local individuals could probably use your old stuff, so think about doing a little pre-move decluttering before the big day. Consider donating to a local shelter, donation center or consignment shop to lighten your moving load.

Important considerations:

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