Safely Operating the Liftgate on Your Truck

  • Adhere to all safety requirements and instructions when operating the liftgate.
  • Always maintain a safe operational area when using the liftgate.
  • Never operate the control switch while unfolding the platform.

Instructions for Operating the Liftgate

These instructions will show you how to safely operate the liftgate on a Penske rental truck. Please note that some specifics may vary slightly for different truck manufacturers or models. If you have questions about operating a liftgate, contact your local Penske Truck Rental representative or our 24/7 Roadside Assistance team.

  • Unfolding the Liftgate
  • Stowing the Liftgate

We hope you find our basic liftgate operational video, "Basic Liftgate Operation," informative. The information provided in the "Basic Liftgate Operation" video has been made available for informational and educational purposes only. Penske does not make any representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the “Basic Liftgate Operation" video. Accordingly, Penske hereby disclaims any and all liability to any party for any direct, indirect, implied, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of the “Basic Liftgate Operation" video, which is provided as is, and without warranties.

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