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Light-Duty Box Truck Rentals

Quality Light-Duty Box Truck Rentals for Your Business

Our fuel-efficient small box trucks and rental vans can supplement your last-mile fleet during seasonal surges and go the distance for all your commercial delivery needs. If you need a box truck rental with a liftgate or without, we have the right truck for your business available today. Our light-duty fleet consists of box truck sizes from 12 to 18 feet.

Every light-duty box truck rental comes equipped with:

  • Automatic transmission
  • Air conditioning
  • AM/FM radio; AUX or USB input
  • Power steering and anti-lock brakes
  • Dual-faced mirrors for better vision

12 Foot Box Truck

12 foot box truck
  • Interior dimensions of up to 12 ft. long x 6 ft. 6 in. wide x 6 ft. 1 in. high
  • Up to 78 sq. ft. of floor space
  • Up to 450 cu. ft. of loading space
  • Up to 3,100 lb. payload
  • Up to 33-gallon gasoline fuel tank
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16 Foot Box Truck

16 foot Penske light-duty box Truck
  • Interior dimensions of up to 16 ft. long x up to 7 ft. 7 in. wide x up to 6 ft. 6 in. high
  • Up to 120 sq. ft. of floor space
  • Up to 800 cu. ft. of loading space
  • Up to 4,300 lb. payload
  • Up to 33-gallon gasoline fuel tank
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Delivery Truck With Shelves and Side Door

  • Interior dimensions of up to 16 ft. long x up to 7 ft. 7 in. wide x up to 6 ft. 6 in. high
  • Up to 120 sq. ft. of floor space
  • Up to 800 cu. ft. of loading space
  • Up to 3,800 lb. payload
  • Up to 33-gallon gasoline fuel tank
  • 24” deep shelves, 2.5’, 4’ or 6’ wide, that can be raised or lowered depending on your needs
  • Up to 1,000 lb. capacity pull-out ramp for easier loading and unloading
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16 and 18 Foot Cabover Truck

  • Interior dimensions of up to 18 ft. long x 7 ft. 8 in. wide x 8 ft. high
  • Up to 7,200 lb. payload
  • Up to 30-gallon fuel tank
  • Gasoline and diesel models available
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Common Questions

  • What is considered a light-duty truck?
    • Light-duty vehicles at Penske include trucks and vans with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of up to 17,500 lbs. and a payload capacity of up to 7,200 lbs. This includes cargo vans and box trucks.
  • What types of trucks are used for delivery?
    • For your light-duty delivery needs, like last mile services, seasonal surges and other small business needs, Penske offers box trucks, cargo vans and refrigerated trucks for rent.
  • Which truck is best for delivery?
    • All of our light-duty box truck rentals can work well for your delivery needs. Things to keep in mind before choosing a truck include the weight and amount of product that needs to be transported and any travel constraints you may have, such as narrow city streets or on-street parking.
  • What are the different size box trucks?
    • Penske offers several light-duty box trucks for rent including 12 ft. and 16 ft. box trucks, and 16 ft. and 18 ft. cabover trucks
  • What is the smallest box truck?
    • The 12 ft. box truck is our smallest box truck and is used by customers looking for 78 sq. ft. of floor space and 450 cu. ft. of loading space for deliveries.
  • What is the difference between light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks?
    • The U.S. organizes vehicles by class based on their gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), or maximum operating weight of the vehicle. These classes then fall into one of three divisions – light-duty, medium-duty or heavy-duty vehicles. Currently, Class 1-3 trucks are light-duty, Class 4-6 trucks are medium-duty, and Class 7-8 are considered heavy-duty.
  • How much space does a delivery truck need?
    • The space needed for a delivery truck will vary depending on the needs of the business. Penske offers a variety of vehicle sizes within our light-duty division, including options offering anywhere from 260 cu. ft. to 950 cu. ft. of loading space.
  • What can you haul in a box truck?
    • A box truck is great for hauling anything you need to transport, including less-than-truckload (LTL) freight such as parcel delivery, furniture hauling and food delivery. Box trucks are also used to deliver printed newspapers, haul appliances, transport weekly deliveries to retail stores or manage last-mile or seasonal surges.
  • What is the most reliable light-duty truck?
    • Every vehicle at Penske is reliable due in part to our rigorous and routine preventive maintenance schedules. To ensure your vehicle is running efficiently, Dynamic PM®, our unique data-driven service, delivers the right preventive maintenance, at the right time, for each vehicle. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, one call to the Penske 24/7 Roadside Assistance team is all you need, no matter where you are, to get back on the road as soon as possible.
  • What box truck gets the best fuel mileage?
    • The cargo van, high-roof cargo van, 12 ft. box truck, 16 ft. box truck and 16 ft. cabover truck all get 12 mpg. The 18 ft. cabover truck gets 13 mpg. Our light-duty electric cargo van can travel up to 108 miles between charges.

The specifications listed are based upon Penske's most commonly rented fleet. They are not the exact measurements of all fleet rented by Penske. Specifications will vary by make, model and year. MPG can vary based on load, terrain and driving factors.

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