Save time by giving your drivers the ability to submit fuel receipts, search for fuel locations and more with the Penske Driver app, available for Apple or Android.

Free App To Help Truck Drivers Stay Compliant and Informed

Penske Driver is a free, fully integrated and ELD-compliant custom app that provides drivers with easy Hours of Service (HOS) functionality to meet the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate for rental trucks operating in both the U.S. and Canada. In addition to the app, Penske continues to permit drivers and fleets to use their own portable ELD systems in its rental vehicles. The Penske Driver app is a companion to the Penske Fleet Insight app.

The Penske Driver App Gives Your Drivers the Power To:

Log Hours of Service

Log Hours of Service (HOS) in Penske rental vehicles and fully comply with the ELD mandate

roadside assistance

Submit 24/7 roadside assistance requests and view real-time updates

service visits

Check in for service visits quickly from the comfort of your vehicle

submit fuel

Submit fuel receipts digitally, eliminating the need to submit paper receipts

Find rental

Find rental, leasing, service, parking, EV charging, fueling locations and more

vehicle information

Access vehicle information, service history and 24/7 history

How To Use the App as an ELD

The Penske Driver app quickly and easily connects using Bluetooth inside Penske's rental trucks. The app synchronizes with the truck engine to meet the ELD mandate requirements, and it remains connected to help drivers stay compliant. Activating the app is easy with assistance from Penske's rental associates, and managing your drivers' accounts is easy with Penske's intuitive Driver Management website.

Ways To Log Hours of Service

Short-Term Truck Rental Exemption in the U.S.

Updates made by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration include an 8-day exemption for drivers of short-term rental vehicles. Drivers are still required to log hours, but with Penske, you have options.
Truck Rental Period
8 Days or Less
9 Days or More
Paper Logs
Portable ELD
Penske Driver App

Canada has a 30-day exemption for drivers using rental vehicles.

How to Use the App to Electronically Submit Your Driver Trip Report (eDTR)

While in a Penske commercial rental vehicle, the miles driven are automatically captured through the telematics device on the unit.

To submit fuel purchased, use the Penske Driver app. The app allows you to upload and submit your fuel receipts to Penske without the need for paper.

Customer Reviews

Great addition
"Super easy to use to me. I like the navigation and the roadside assistance option is really a great addition."

Quite easy
"When my boss told me I had to download and use this app for my logs with a rental truck, I thought it was going to difficult, but it was actually quite easy."

Pretty cool
"Just used the 24/7 instead of calling and it was pretty cool. Didn't have to wait on the phone and it let me know when they were coming."