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Managing Food and Beverage Shipments

A shopping cart sitting in a grocer store aisle.

The way the world does business has evolved and, as a result, continues to affect the way supply and distribution networks operate in both the short and long term. Stores are experiencing fluctuations in supply, while at the same time, groups such as farmers are having trouble with moving goods to the people who need them. Restaurants are adjusting delivery and outdoor seating models to meet current guidelines while also planning for the future. These ever-evolving changes have affected businesses in significant ways, with the need for agility more important than ever.

Having access to the right vehicles can help. Truck rental can supply businesses (large and small) the edge they need to pivot and keep up with the rapidly changing landscape quickly.

Perishable Goods

When dealing with perishable goods, most likely, you're going to need a refrigerated vehicle or “reefer." These can be rented on a long- or short-term basis. Reefers keep food at a controlled temperature and help maintain freshness and quality, which means a longer shelf life and less waste.

Penske rental reefers have up to an 8,000 lb. payload capacity to handle many of your food and beverage and other temperature-sensitive transportation needs. Our medium-duty reefer trucks feature rear roll-up doors, a curbside door, two rows of E-track, and are built to drive a forklift inside. Penske offers both CDL and non-CDL refrigerated trucks as well as refrigerated trailers in our rental fleet.

Non-Perishable Goods

If you are transporting non-perishable goods, choosing the right commercial truck rental starts with knowing the capacity you need and your delivery route. There are several questions to ask that will determine what's the best vehicle to meet your needs:

  • Will your drivers be operating on busy highways and crowded center-city streets?
  • Do they need a truck that is easy to park and maneuver?
  • Will they require up to 900 cubic feet of vehicle loading space?

Answering yes to any of the above-mentioned questions means a light-duty truck is the right choice to meet your needs. Penske Truck Rental's light-duty fleet includes high roof panel vans, 12-foot through 18-foot box trucks, along with 16-foot or 18-foot cabover trucks. Our trucks are designed to provide plenty of cargo space and efficient fuel economy. The trucks also feature a tight turning radius, allowing drivers to get in and out of tight spaces while delivering food and beverage products to and from urban stores and warehouses.

Large Non-Perishable Loads

If you need more loading space, 1,700 cubic feet or more, a medium-duty commercial rental truck might be the best answer for your food and beverage needs. Ideal for larger loads, Penske's medium-duty fleet includes 22-foot, 24-foot and 26-foot CDL and non-CDL trucks. Penske's late model fleet of medium-duty trucks will benefit food and beverage customers through improved fuel economy, better overall performance and reliability.

Overcoming the Obstacles of Shipping Food

Whether you're handling variances within the food supply chain, or you're the owner of a restaurant trying to serve your customers, Penske Truck Rental is here to help you keep your business moving forward. We have the people, processes and vehicles you need to get the job done.

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